Adam Jackson

About Me

Where I'm From

I grew up in Poynette, Wisconsin, a very small town of about 2,500 people located just North of Madison on Highway 51. I attended all 12 years of my primary education at the Poynette School District and graduated in 2015. The town is mostly known for the MacKenzie Center wildlife preserve.


I graduated High School from the Poynette School district in 2015, and it's where I learned of my love for Computer Science. For the first 3 years of college, I attended Madison College (also known as MATC) for their transfer program, and completed most of my general education requirements. I finished up my time at Madison College in the spring of 2018. From fall 2018 until December 2020, I attended the University of Wisconsin -- Madison for Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics.


I am currently working for Genus IntelliGen Technologies, who produces Sexcel, which is sex-skewed bovine genetics, for ABS Global. My primary duties include the development of Angular applications via TypeScript and Node.js, as well as add-ons for Node using C++. I also assist with the development and maintenance of embedded systems utilizing C and C++. For various day-to-day applications, I have gained experience using Python and BASH to write scripts to assist me. In addition to my work experience, I have also completed a few personal projects, which are further detailed on the 'Projects' page.

Fields of Study I'm Interested In

My primary areas of interest are computer graphics, automation, embedded systems, and networks. I enjoy solving tough issues and learning new concepts. I originally had an interest in game development, but have since discovered a fondness for the development of more practical applications that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Contact Inforamtion

If you would like to contact me to get my resume or other information, you can contact me at [email protected].